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About Us

Paulson Wood Products was established in 1981 by Don and Paula Paulson. They bought the existing sawmill from Ernie and Vera Yerke. Don and Paula upgraded equipment, installed a new sawmill, and built a new office and lumber storage facility. They soon developed a reputation for producing well-manufactured lumber and maintaining a neat and orderly yard. After 31 years of success, they sold the business to Bob and Sharon Cole.

Bob is a third generation sawmill addict, with 38 years of experience. He worked for 30 years as a lumber inspector and will continue to maintain the high level of quality set by Don Paulson. Bob maintains close ties with his original family business, Cole Bros. Lumber Co. in Woodbury, Connecticut. At Paulson Wood Products (which shall remain Paulson Wood Products), Bob is sawyer, mill manager, and handles the lionís share of sales and inquiries. Sharon is office manager.

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